Press Release for A Sound of Freedom


Mr. Grant will have a free American flag for each visitor to the Publication Consultants booth. Walter Grant will be present the entire day, autographing his book and giving away flags and flag magnets.

Mr. Grant served in the U.S. Navy, and was schooled in atomic, biological, and chemical warfare, He is one of a handful of enlisted men who have broken Mach-Two.

Set in Alaska, California, and Soviet Russia, A Sound of Freedom is the behind-the-scenes story of a double agent. Double agent Max Kayne, finds himself in possession of contradictory clues to a frighteningly widespread conspiracy to cripple America.

Kayne must guard his back against those in the spy business who distrust and envy him, and ferret out turncoats; all the while uncertain if the beautiful, intelligent woman his lonely heart has finally opened to is a deadly enemy, a friendly, supervisory spy, or maybe just what she seems. A Sound of Freedom is true to the method used by former members of the military and intelligence communities: to blend and scramble identifying details, in order to serve up a tasty techno-thriller, warmed with the heart of patriotism. As to which parts of A Sound of Freedom are fact and which are fiction, well, you may not want to know, because then Max Kayne might have to kill you.