Walter Grant - One of America’s Enduring Patriot Authors

  • The Club II

    We lured him to a motel with a promised sexual encounter unlike anything he'd ever known. We made good on our promise. There was no sex, but it was without doubt unlike anything he'd ever known. We spiked his drink, teased, and toyed with him until he passed out. Then we tied him up, duct-taped his mouth, threw him into the trunk of our car and drove him to an abandoned farmhouse in the woods Read More
  • The Club

    Geoff arrived home, was arrested, tried, found guilty and executed for his fiancees' murder -- a crime he did not commit. He awoke from a drug-induced coma to learn his execution had been faked and he now owed the Club the next ten years of his life. He accepted the Club's conditions and became a member--there was no choice.The Founding Fathers having fled tyrannical monarchies of Europe established the Club as insurance against their greatest fear Read More
  • A Sound of Freedom

    Troubled by a large number of KGB agents operating freely in the US, the lackadaisical attitude of the general population, and the media's irresponsible depiction of communism, an ex-double agent sets out to use all he has learned in his position as a captain in the KGB's western intelligence section. He was all that stood between the soviets and their plan to take control of the first test launch of the Peacekeeper--America's newest ICBM. The Read More
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